Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

As a Digital Nomad in Bali you work remotely, either full-time or part-time, while traveling to new places. Digital nomads often work from public libraries, coworking spaces, and coffee shops, connecting their laptops, smartphones, or tablets to the Wi-Fi hubs in these locations or using their hotspots.

As a digital nomad, in Bali you have the flexibility to create your own work schedule, free of the standard nine-to-five timetable. This lifestyle also allows you to see and do different things like surfing, clubbing, sunbathing and meeting with other digital nomads having the same lifestyle.

Living as a digital nomad has both short- and long-term lifestyle benefits:

Flexibility: One of the main advantages of being a digital nomad is flexibility. While working remotely, you have the flexibility to work on your schedule, decide when to work, and enjoy your days in Bali.

Travelling: As a digital nomad, you can travel more frequently and experience different areas and cultures. While a typical nine-to-five position offers about two weeks of vacation for the entire year, digital nomad jobs provide an opportunity to create your own travel time. Also, you can use a mobile device to work from anywhere in the world, allowing you to move around freely.

Community: The digital nomad community is a great way to meet new people and make friends as an expat. Joining groups for remote workers and travelers may lead to friendships and assist with finding co-living and co-working spaces.

Low cost of living in Bali: You can reduce your overall expenses by comparing the cost of living in different locations and moving to for example Bali with a lower cost of living.

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