Why retire in Bali

Why retire in Bali

When you retire you head towards the age where it’s time to enjoy the rest of your life so why not pick Bali as your favorite destination ?

Why Bali?

Due to Bali’s unique culture, its famous forms of art and dance and of course, it is a tropical island paradise, why not Bali?

The majority of the locals can speak English, which means there really isn’t much of a language barrier.

Finding affordable accommodation is easy and finding a suitable yearly rental villa is the best option. No hassle with complicated ownership issues and when you would like to move Bali Long Term Villa Rentals will find you another Long Term Rental Villa.

You are surrounded by massage parlors, which means nurturing yourself is made easy. Being treated to beautiful sunrises and sunsets is all part of the package when retiring in Bali and long strolls on the beach, taking in all its beauty can only be nourishing for the soul.

How easy is it to retire in Bali and what are the steps to be taken?

Retirement Requirements:

The required age to retire in Bali is 55-years of age.
Have to have proof of health and life insurance.
Proof of pension:
Minimum of roughly USD 1,520 a month … OR
Lump sum of money roughly USD 18,270.00 to provide living expenses while in Bali.
Proof of rental agreement with the cost set out at over USD 380.00 per month.
A letter stating you agree to employ at least one Indonesian while living in Bali. Eg. Helper, Gardner, Driver etc.
A CV and an agreement stating you will not work while in Bali.
By acquiring this Visa, you will be able to stay in Bali for one year and renew for 5 more years.
You will also be able to open a local bank account and get a local drivers license.
Once you have lived in Bali for 5years or more, you can apply for official and permanent residency.
Bali Living

Next to know, now that you have read how easy it is to retire here in Bali, is where and what area should you retire in?

This is challenging to answer however in average we can say that Sanur is the most popular place to be under retirees.


Being one of the first towns discovered in Bali, is such a laid back place, often referred to as ‘Snore City’. Sanur is never on the clock, everyone will get to their tasks at hand in their own time. Much to the nature of its people, is the surrounding calm oceans which meets the sandy white beaches.

Sanur has some of the most beautiful beaches, filled with fishing boats as the locals are bringing in the catch of the day or taking expats out for a day on the boat.

It is also a great beach for snorkeling and long strolls either early morning, or late afternoon as you catch the sun kissing the ocean good night before heading out for a early dinner.

Bali Long Term Villa Rentals is very well capable in helping you to find an affordable property with a magnificent view of breath taking rice paddies. Who wouldn’t want to wake up as a retired individual to with view on a beautiful pool and spacious garden ?

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